Dental Fillings For Kids

Sometimes, even the most disciplined brushers need a filling to restore a tooth and bring their smile back to optimal health. When your child comes in for their routine cleaning, our dentists will check for signs of tooth decay and determine whether or not your child needs a filling. At Coulter & Casper Pediatric Dentistry, we are here to make sure all of the little smiles in Washington, D.C. remain happy and healthy.

What is a Dental Filling Made Of?

Dental fillings are a type of dental restoration called composites. A composite is made of a non-toxic substance, typically quartz, ceramic or silica. These “tooth-colored fillings” are durable and resistant to withstand the constant stress of chewing. Tooth-colored fillings are used more commonly than silver and gold fillings and can be used on front or back teeth. Sometimes, dentists will use a composite filling that contains materials that release fluoride. This helps to protect the patient’s tooth from further risk of tooth decay. In addition, composite fillings allow for the filling to naturally blend with their teeth, keeping their smile bright and white!

How to Prevent Your Child from Needing a Dental Filling

Prevention is key when it comes to a healthy smile, and even though sometimes fillings are necessary, here are a few ways to decrease your child’s risk of cavities and needing a filling:

  • Brush twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste
  • Floss daily
  • Eat a balanced diet and limit snacking
  • Schedule a dental visit every 6 months

Why Your Child May Need a Dental Filling

Your child may need a filling to restore it back to its optimal health and function. Treating a cavity can help preserve the overall health of your child’s mouth and help prevent further decay or infection caused by a current cavity. Taking care of your child’s baby teeth will set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our talented, Washington, D.C.-based dentists are highly skilled in identifying why your child may need a filling, and the best way to take care of further tooth decay.

Benefits of Getting Cavities Filled

Getting a cavity filled restores your child’s tooth back to its optimal chewing function, rebuilds the structure of the tooth, and helps maintain your child’s overall health. A filling resolves any discomfort caused by the cavity and helps curb tooth decay from spreading to other teeth.

Pediatric Dental Filling FAQs

Will the Filling Procedure Be Painful?

Our dentists do everything in their power to keep your child comfortable. The procedure involves numbing the area with a topical cream and local anesthesia to ensure the procedure is painless and stress-free for your child. In some cases, nitrous oxide may be administered to help with any procedure-related anxiety and help the patient stay still and calm.

How Does the Dentist Choose the Best Filling for My Child?

Our dentists treat each child for his or her unique smile needs. They will address the location of the filling, your child’s age and dental history, plus they will consider your child’s daily activities and the durability necessary for the filling. Your child’s dentist will carefully choose the type of filling right for your child.

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