Dr. Charlie was perfect today! Dr. Charlie was gentle, he explained every step in a very calm and practical manner. The mood was serious but still very child friendly, answering questions all the way through. My son cannot wait to go back. Now that is a great dental visit! Thank you Dr. Charlie!

Monte M.

Dr. Dana and Dr. Charlie are the best pediatric dentists in The DMV. They are kind, gentle and have a good time with the kids. All four of mine ask when it’s time to go back. You can’t ask for better than that!

Cherie M.

My three kids have just about outgrown the practice and I’m the one who is sad. Dr. Dana’s irrepressible good humor and intelligence combines with a top notch dental assistant team to make for a truly outstanding practice. Ten stars.

Krista A.

Dana and Charlie and staff make the experience of going to the dentist fun for kids. We have been patients of the practice for 21 years with 4 children and have had 100% excellent experiences!

Abby C.

Dr. Charlie and his entire staff are wonderful. Every experience has been extremely positive and my kids truly enjoy getting their dental work done, it’s great! Dr. Charlie’s ability to put any child at ease is a true gift. My kids really love the staff too and never balk when I tell them they have to go to the dentist.

Brooke F.

We are easy to find.