5 Questions to Ask Your Pediatric Dentist

Learning how to take care of your child’s smile can be a complicated yet important part of parenthood, but don’t worry, it’s totally normal to have questions for your pediatric dentist! At Coulter & Casper Pediatric Dentistry, our expert dental team is here to help you and your child feel confident when it comes to optimal oral health.

What Toothpaste Should My Child Be Using?

The first step in a great dental health routine for your child is making sure they brush their teeth twice a day. When it comes to picking out toothpaste, our dentists can guide you toward the right products to help your child stay on top of good oral hygiene.

Be sure to pick a fluoridated toothpaste, because using fluoride can help fight plaque and tartar that cause tooth decay and can even protect your child’s smile from gum disease. For children younger than 6, our dentists recommend low-fluoride toothpaste because young kids tend to swallow toothpaste more often than older children.

When Should My Child Begin Flossing?

If your child has no visible gaps between their teeth, it is time to start flossing. Flossing provides an extra boost to your child’s dental care to help keep teeth and gums healthy, discourage the development of tooth decay and periodontal diseases, and ward off bad breath. If you have questions about when to begin flossing, our talented, knowledgeable dentists are here to help.

Should We Pull a Loose Tooth?

A loose tooth is an exciting moment in a child’s life! While it’s fun to wiggle the loose tooth around, pulling the tooth yourself isn’t the best way to go. If a tooth is not ready to fall out, pulling a loose tooth may cause damage to the gum tissue. It’s best to let a tooth fall out on its own to avoid tissue damage and keep their smile happy.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Kids?

Dental x-rays pose very little risk to patients, and we work to minimize that risk even more. At Coulter & Casper, our expert pediatric dentists use many modern safeguards to ensure the safety of your child during a dental x-ray, and we only prescribe x-rays when necessary.

Dental x-rays are a great resource for detecting tooth decay and bone loss, as well as evaluating erupting teeth and the possible need for orthodontic treatment. Dental x-rays can effectively detect potential dental problems or signs of disease early so your child’s dentist can treat them before they become a bigger issue or a disease progresses.

How Often Should We Visit the Dentist?

We recommend visiting the dentist twice a year to assess your child’s oral care routine and get a regular deep cleaning, as well as discuss the need for fluoride treatment, sealants, or treatment for periodontal disease. Put regular dental cleanings on your schedule and help your child stay on the path toward a lifetime of healthy smiles. Schedule a visit with one of our highly qualified, passionate pediatric dentists today!

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